FAQ: How Much DE Should I Be Putting Into My Skimmer?

The most common amount of DE that must be added to the skimmer is 5 LBs, but not all filters are the same size. The amount of DE that is required to add to the skimmer depends on the filter square footage. For a 24 sqft add 3 lbs, 36 sqft add 4 lbs, 48 sqft add 5 lbs. To find what size square footage your filter is simply go out to the filter and on the outside of a tank will be a sticker that will specify what size it is. So how can I measure out 5 lbs of DE? Well, in the retail store at Swim King we sell a 1 lb DE Scoop specifically designed to only be used for DE. DE is so fine that a 1 lb coffee can is not the equivalent of 1 lb of DE.

FAQ: Is a Salt-Water Pool Still a Chlorine Pool?

Yes, a salt-water pool is still a chlorine pool. The salt system cell takes the salt water that runs through it and by electrolysis converts the salt to chlorine. It is a common misconception that customers do not ever have to shock your pool because they have a salt-water pool. False. The salt chlorinator (hint: the word “chlorinator”) is the sanitizer for the water, very similar to say adding chlorine tabs to the water. A salt-water pool must always have a constant sanitizer in the water (the salt chlorinator) and oxidize once a week, similar to a chlorine pool. What a sanitizer does is kill the bacteria and organic material that can be harmful to swimmers. So therefore that is why you need constant sanitization. Now, what happens to all the dead matter floating around in the water that was killed by the sanitizer? That’s where the oxidizer comes in. The oxidizer removes the dead organic material from the water. That is why it is recommended that a customer oxidizes, or shocks the pool weekly. Questions? Call us today at 631.744.8100!

Tips for Adding Shock to Your Pool

Here are some simple tips to add shock to any swimming pool.

  • Always shock at night (sunlight burns off more chlorine, so it will work better at night).
  • Pre-Dissolve all shock. Some won’t require you to but do it anyway, it spreads it around better and it won’t sink to the bottom of your pool possibly bleaching your liner.
  • Use gloves, you can never be too safe using pool shock.
  • Wear clothes you don’t like. Chances are a little shock water will splash on you; it will bleach your shirt.
  • Allow your swimming pool to run for at least 8 hours straight after adding shock.
  • Do not swim in shocked water for 12 hours. Let the shock do its job and let the chlorine drop down before swimming.